Join us on Zoom for 3 sessions of Parenting Support. We all need to get some new ideas and tips to improve the way we parent our children. Led by a trained family counsellor, you will gain knowledge and understanding of how to improve your family life as well as have the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from others as well as ask lots of questions! 

The format of the evening will be an introduction from the course host, a video to watch and then a time for discussion together with other parents.

Each session is based on a stand alone topic: so choose which ones are relevant to your situation or join us for all 3.

Session 1: Thur 16th March – It’s Good to Talk

Communication is an important part of family life, and in this session we’ll be looking at the most effective ways of talking and listening to our children. Words are powerful. They can teach, give encouragement, and express love and forgiveness, but they also have the potential to hurt and damage. As parents we need to listen to our children and keep the lines of communication open.

Session 2: Thur 23rd March – Boundaries and Battles

Children’s behaviour can be such a difficult battle for parents. In this session we’ll be looking at different styles of parenting, setting and defending boundaries and choosing which battles to fight. Our expectations for their behaviour need to be fair and we must ensure that our children clearly understand them. We also need to be consistent about what we will do when boundaries are crossed. If we share parental responsibilities, we need to ensure that we work together as a team, and that we don’t undermine each other if we have different approaches to discipline.

Session 3: Thur 30th March – Parenting with Elastic

At each stage of our children’s lives we are involved in the process of letting them go. But we can often find it hard to let them become more independent as our instinct is to want to protect them. In this session, we’ll be looking at the concept of ‘parenting with elastic’ – encouraging our children towards independence, helping them with life skills, and enabling them to make good choices. Somehow we have find the right balance between keeping them safe, without over-protecting them.

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