Book Review: Maze Runner by James Dashner

My favorite book is The Maze Runner by James Dashner, which is part of a collection of 5 other dystopian books. I am reviewing this book because I really enjoyed reading it and have read this, as well as the other books, multiple times. The storyline focuses on the 3 Maze Runner films, which is about a boy named Thomas who gets dumped in a glade in the middle of a maze with no memories. He navigates his way through the maze and uncovers shocking secrets as him and his friends fight to survive. My favorite part of the book is that it uses details that aren’t exactly the same as the film, enabling you to understand the storyline more deeply. This made me hooked to the book, and the rest of them, as I was constantly intrigued and comparing the differences from the films. I think that having seen the film helped me understand and visualize the story better, although I preferred reading rather than watching it. I think this is because I like to be able to use my imagination to create my own version of the story in my head. I really like how the book is in depth description, making it clear what emotions each characters are facing.


book cover The Testament John Grisham

Book Review: Geek Girl by Holly Smale

Holly Smale’s wonderful coming-of-age book ‘Geek Girl’ enchants readers with its endearing story and eccentric protagonist. This novel takes readers on an adventure full of humour, camaraderie, and self-discovery against the turbulent backdrop of high school. The protagonist of the tale is Harriet Manners, a socially awkward but brilliant student who is discovered by a modelling agency and finds herself thrown into the fast-paced world of fashion. Harriet is reluctant at first, but she quickly learns that the fashion world is not all beauty and shine, and she has to overcome its obstacles while being loyal to herself. Geek Girl’s protagonist, Harriet Manners, is one of its most charming features.

Readers are compelled to support her because of her extensive trivia knowledge and fondness for awkward mishaps. The intricacies of teenage life, from the awkwardness of first crushes to the challenges of fitting in, are masterfully captured in Smale’s writing. In addition, the novel’s examination of identity and self-acceptance is realistic and moving. After battling the need to live up to society’s expectations, Harriet finally realizes how important it is to embrace her individuality and forge her own path. Geek Girl is unique because it strikes the ideal balance between heart and humour. Smale creates hilarious moments and clever repartee throughout the story, which makes it a complete joy to read. Readers of all ages will find resonance in the story’s underlining themes of friendship, family, and pursuing aspirations. Geek Girl is an ideal pick for anyone seeking a cheerful and cheerful book. This book is going to make an impression, whether you’re a self-confessed geek or just looking for a good story. Additionally, Geek Girl is available at Blackfen Library for readers who are interested in finding this treasure. It is there, ready to enchant and capture anybody who opens its pages. So grab a copy, take a seat, and get ready to embark on an incredible journey with Harriet Manners.


book cover The Testament John Grisham

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