New books:

At Blackfen Community Library we have a wide range of new books, some of these include:

Watch Her Fall by Erin Kelley 

Another Kind of Eden by James Lee Burke

Finding Ashley by Danielle Steele

Box 88 by Charles Cumming

and many more…

The genre of each book varies so you’ll have a variety of books to read, these books are located in our library on the ‘New Books’ display near the front desk.

Watch Her Fall – A girl called Ava has devoted her life to being the best at what she does, she is now at the top: she has the world at her feet. Except the feeling of success is not what Ava expected. She is lonely and paranoid because someone is watching her, a rival who wants what she has and is prepared to kill for it. My personal opinion is that this is a good thriller to read as it brings tension to the reader and puts you at the edge of your seat.

Another Kind of Eden – Aspiring novelist Aaron has found new work on a farm and has met a girl called Joanne, their connection is strong but their romance is complicated by Joanne’s involvement with a shady professor, followed by a mysterious shrouded figure who might not be human. Aaron will have to face down all these foes to save the life of his love and himself. This book is another thriller: it is a very interesting book to read. 

Finding Ashley – Melisa lives a quiet life. Once a bestselling author, she now pours all her energy into renovating a Victorian house in the foothills of rural England. When her beloved home appears on the news, she receives a call from a stranger: they were once close but then fell apart when Melissa had withdrawn herself from the world, they will now embark on a journey together that will change their lives. This is an interesting book to read that will never let you get bored.

Box 88 – Years ago a spy was born. In 1989 the Cold War will soon be over but Box 88, a top secret spying agency, is heating up, now they face the deadliest decisions of their life… 2020 Kite has been captured and brutally tortured. He now has a choice either to reveal the truth or watch his family die. What will he choose?

For these and many other books pop down to Blackfen Community Library or if you need a delivery of books call us on 0208 301 1433.